Man how one day makes a difference! I’m living proof that no matter how bad of a day you had, you can definitely turn it around the next day. Not that anything really special happened today, nor did I win the lottery…lol. It was just a day where I felt I was more in control of my mind. I was aiming more to be positive and it helped, seriously helped. I went to the office today and after a long day getting sh** done, I was truly anxious to get home and see my kids. I missed them! When I came home, my kids greeted me, my wife even kissed me…was I in a freakin dream? This was unexpected for me because it’s not normally the type of greeting I would receive. I would normally hear my oldest son say “Dad’s home!” and that would be that. For a second, I was speechless. I love seeing the smiles on my kids faces, especially Calaeb. Once I see that smile on Calaeb, it’s almost like he’s telling dad “I missed you too dad!” The rest of the night was just smooth with lots of kisses and good nights to my kids. I’m no rocket scientist, but yeah this day, this night, was all positive!

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