Facebook Help

I had a long day today as far as taking care of Calaeb. It wasn’t my first long day with Calaeb nor will it be my last, but today actually made me feel defeated, stressed, and angry. I was home with the boys all day while my wife was working. At the same time, I was also working from home and just trying to not get to far behind. Calaeb pooped all over the couch today. I also caught him trying to drink from the dog’s bowl. In addition, he wouldn’t get out of the car when we got home from getting lunch. Calaeb likes tight spaces so he was literally sitting down on the driver side floor under the steering wheel. I was frustrated already and angry at my situation. I turned to my Facebook Group for counsel and go figure, the Autism Support Group for Dads had similar stories from other dads talking about their own struggles in taking care of their special needs kids. A lot of the stories I could relate too and some actually had me in tears. Anyhow, in reading and learning from other dads in how they dealt with certain issues, it’s been helpful in ultimately accepting my son and the situation I’m in. God wouldn’t put me in this position unless he knew I was the right person for the job! Thanks Facebook for offering the emotional support I was looking for!

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