Kids are priority

It’s very frustrating when sometimes you don’t have that one person you think would be in your corner…actually not in your corner. I was in the office today when I had to cut my day short because my wife texts me saying she feels tired and doesn’t know what to cook for the kids. I was surprised to hear that considering she usually cooks with no problem. In any case, I decided to run home and try and help her. I got there and no welcome greeting at all, no hug or kiss, and not even a “how was your day?” In my mind, I just told myself “that’s fine!” Whatever issues she may have, just don’t involve the kids! Things went along, I taught Calaeb the ABC’s, writing his name, and labeling body parts. Calaeb is so smart! My older son Aeden was so happy that he got his new hover board delivered today, and actually learned how to maneuver it today. My little princess was my little princess…just taking in the excitement of what was going on. Long story short, the kids were happy and that’s all that mattered to me! Why mess around any negativity if you don’t have too? In fact, why deal with any negativity that’s not even yours to begin with? It’s moments like these that yeah, I wish I had support but it’s ok. I’m OK with everything and I can accept everything as is…as long as the kids are safe and happy! Everything else can take a back seat.

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