Hitting the Reset

2021 is here finally! With that said, in years past I would either want to lose weight or save money as my New Years resolution, but since my son Calaeb was diagnosed with autism it’s been different the past 4 years. What I want for this year, just as in the last 4 years again, is to be able to be the best role model I can be for my kids! It’s been rough at times, being a special needs father but what I would say to all the special fathers out there is it’s worth it! Totally worth the ride because in my heart, the man upstairs knew we would be perfect for this situation. Let’s face it, if your like me, I can totally read what my kids are feeling without having to say it. In Calaeb’s case, considering he’s non verbal, I can literally hear him say “it’s ok dad, maybe not now or not tomorrow, but someday I’m gonna talk again and tell you thank you, and I love you!” ….that’s reason enough for me to make significant strides in 2021, and I truly hope the same for you! Happy New Year! #hope #believe #rolemodel

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