We Are Heroes!

Being a special needs parent requires so much time and energy especially when your kids need you the most. Everyday for example when they need help with their homework, making their meals, and/or just keeping up with the daily grind of keeping up with their laundry, activities, cleaning themselves, and on and on. It’s even more amplified with the number of kids you may be taking care of. I get it! It’s not easy and one may even wonder if you’re even cut out for this? Heck, sometimes me taking a shower has to take a backseat when my kids are behind on schedule. I been there…and my remedy for all the hard work we do as a special needs parent is simply having the “mindset” of enjoying the ride. If we train our mind that we are the best at what we do, if we believe that God put us in this position for a reason, and if we believe we are truly the right person for this opportunity….in my mind at least, we are heroes for our kids! And no it won’t be an overnight fix, but think about it! What better way to set the example, then to be the example! …and it all starts with a mindset. Any other parents agree to this?

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