Our Time to Give

As a special needs father, I have my moments when I ask myself if I’m really doing enough for my son? We all want to see our kids thrive and succeed at this thing called life, but when times seem like progress is very slow it can feel very frustrating and discouraging. When I leave for work in the mornings, the last thing I do is to make sure my little man gets a big hug and kiss from his old man and that I tell him good bye for the day. The moment I leave the door, I’m missing him already to the point I’m always asking myself “what else can I do as a father to make a significant difference in my son’s life?” Knowing Calaeb’s disorder with him being on the Spectrum and being non-verbal, I often ask myself constantly what else can this father do to help his son? …the answer I feel is always right in front of us. There’s absolutely no better gift than to devote our own time to our kids. My late mom used to always say, “Time is gold!” No matter how many kids you have, no matter what disabilities or disorders are present, it’s the fact when our kids see us bonding with them, giving “time” to them, that is what will stick with them forever. So be mindful the next time we feel our kids are just nagging us by just trying to get our attention….that’s what exactly all they are asking for. I invite anyone else to share their kid experiences whenever they constantly tap you or are asking you for something. Do you notice the difference when you actually give your undivided attention to them? Let’s keep it going dads!

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