Embracing Your Role

So today was quite busy. Three kids, a five year old daughter who’s playing the part of princess right now, my 7 year old autistic son, and my oldest who’s 9 but actually thinks he’s 17. Mom was at work today but that was ok. I created a mindset for myself today thinking today was absolutely going to be a blessed day. Sure I had to change my autistic son’s stained and wet clothing several times as he’s still learning to manage his potty, yes I had to take my oldest son to his baseball game and still be the scorekeeper, and of course I still catered to my lil daughter who’s still going back and forth with dad about eating healthier foods. With all that said, the day went by faster than it started. I was proud of myself not blowing up mentally, and not feeling defeated. Someone needed to be there for the kids, so why not me…their dad! At the end of the day, that’s why we were chosen and given the life we have…because someone knew from above that no one else could’ve done it better than us. Embrace. Live. Love. Appreciate. Repeat. Don’t ever give up Dads!

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