How Do You Feel Today?

Embracing Your Role

So today was quite busy. Three kids, a five year old daughter who’s playing the part of princess right now, my 7 year old autistic son, and my oldest who’s 9 but actually thinks he’s 17. Mom was at work today but that was ok. I created a mindset for myself today thinking today was

Free Time is Scooter Time

So every parent I’m sure finds themselves with free time in between everything else they have to do. I had some time waiting for my other son who was in piano class to teach my son how to ride a scooter. This is how it went….every moment matters right?

Remembering Grandma

Took my kids to visit their Grandma over the weekend. She had passed away in 2017 due to heart complications. My kids, as hound as they are, still remembers the wonderful woman who was always happy to see her first grand kids. We miss her so much! That made me think…it’s always good to think

It’s been a couple weeks since my last post but I been really observing my sons interaction with each other. Most days, my oldest son Aeden is doing his own thing. It’s not often both my sons interact the way you see them in this pic. However, opportunities matter and are important! If there’s ever

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Our Time to Give

As a special needs father, I have my moments when I ask myself if I’m really doing enough for my son? We all want to see our kids thrive and succeed at this thing called life, but when times seem like progress is very slow it can feel very frustrating and discouraging. When I leave

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Brothers for Life

It didn’t start out so well. My oldest son had all the attention in the world, after my second son was born, he slowly noticed how much attention his brother got. My oldest would constantly give his brother mean looks. He would not share anything, nor even play with him. In fact, my oldest son

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We Are Heroes!

Being a special needs parent requires so much time and energy especially when your kids need you the most. Everyday for example when they need help with their homework, making their meals, and/or just keeping up with the daily grind of keeping up with their laundry, activities, cleaning themselves, and on and on. It’s even

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Hitting the Reset

2021 is here finally! With that said, in years past I would either want to lose weight or save money as my New Years resolution, but since my son Calaeb was diagnosed with autism it’s been different the past 4 years. What I want for this year, just as in the last 4 years again,

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Kids are priority

It’s very frustrating when sometimes you don’t have that one person you think would be in your corner…actually not in your corner. I was in the office today when I had to cut my day short because my wife texts me saying she feels tired and doesn’t know what to cook for the kids. I

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Fighting a Good Fight

Today I got no pictures or videos to show as an example. The reason being is that I wanna blog about the pure appreciation I see everyday from my wife and her fight against my son’s autism. She literally tries to keep up with Calaeb’s zoom sessions between his teacher, speech therapist, and ABA. It’s

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